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Kennedy’s Guide to the British Jay Bird

The British Jay bird has beautiful markings, which makes it easily distinguishable from others in the crow family. Its shy nature, however, makes it hard to spot as it prefers to stay under cover within the woodland.

Although you will find these beautiful birds in towns, they are more partial to wooded areas and large forests. These are the perfect birds to track whilst on a leisurely walk around the UK’s woodland!

What do jays look like?

Both male and female jays have the same plumage, so it is often difficult to tell them apart by just looking at them. However, male jays have been known to be slightly larger in size than the females, but this only be noticeable when a male and female are seen together.

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What’s the best jay bird food?

When it comes to attracting more of these beautiful birds to your garden, choosing peanuts or any of our mixed wild bird food will be your best option.

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Where to spot a British jay bird?

Due to its penchant for acorns, you will often find the Eurasian jay close to woodland, and particularly oak trees. If you’re looking to add these colourful creatures to your ‘birds spotted’ list, then make sure you head to your closest forest and find those tall oak trees! Once you’ve caught a glimpse of your first jay, make sure to record it in our BirdSpotter map!

What is the jay bird call?

The Eurasian jay has a shrill call, not a sing-song tone like some smaller British birds. The call is harsher and it is often heard in short bursts. It can sometimes be hard to distinguish, due to it sounding similar to a Magpie’s call:

Click here to listen

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