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The Kennedy Wild Bird Food guide to the Skylark

The Eurasian skylark is a widespread species that can be found in the UK, across Europe and Asia.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the skylark and some interesting facts about this beautiful bird, including its nesting habits and where to find a skylark.

What does a Skylark look like?

Adult Skylark:

The skylark is a brown bird, with lighter brown streaks, that can often be identified by its distinctive, small head crest. The skylark is larger than a sparrow but smaller than a starling in size. It is similar in appearance to the woodlark but has a longer tail.

What does the Skylark sound like?

A skylark in flight can often be heard singing. In fact, the skylark is renowned for its songflight which is fast and often between 160 to 460 syllables. Typically, the skylark bird song lasts for an average of 2 minutes.

You will be able to hear the skylark sing all year round, although you’re less likely to hear its song from November to January. Male skylarks can often be seen darting above farmland and moorland, belting their songflight before swooping back down to earth.

Click here to listen

Skylark nesting and behaviour

Skylarks nest on the ground and can lay up to three or four eggs. They can even have up to four broods each season as their chicks tend to become independent after just two weeks.

Sadly, skylark numbers have been declining in the UK and Europe, which has led to the bird’s Red List status. This decline has been pinpointed to agricultural intensification across Europe.

Where do Skylarks live?

Skylarks live throughout the UK in countryside, farmland and moorland. They can be difficult to spot on the ground when hidden amongst farmland, and they are much easier to spot when in songflight.

If you spot a skylark, don’t forget to log it in our Kennedy Wild Bird Food Birdspotter app!

So far, we have had no skylark sightings logged – could you be the first to spot one and log it? If you live in the countryside, you might even be able to spot skylarks in your garden.


Do Skylarks migrate?

Skylarks are not known to move far and many actually remain in their territories throughout the year. Highland Skylarks may move to lowland territories sometimes, but migration is not common.

What do Skylarks eat?

Skylarks eat a wide range of foods but can mostly be found eating seeds. They also like cereal grains and weed seeds. Occasionally, they can also be seen eating small invertebrates such as beetles, spiders and bugs.

If you’re looking to spot skylarks, you’ll want to grab some of their favourite seeds from our range of sunflower seed for birds. They especially love our Sunflower Hearts and Black Sunflower Seeds.


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